Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Price of Peace

This song says it all...below the video is the story of how the song came about...

One day while watching my Dad leaving for work in his uniform, I realized that most people don't understand what the families go through when their loved ones go off to war. I wrote this song from my heart on a daughters perspective of what it is like when her Dad goes off to war. The Price of Peace is a great song that has a message of love and support for any loved one in the military.I sat down one night and wrote it with my dad's help. I didn't realize my dad knew so much about it until he started telling me about the deployment ceremonies he has attended. He told me how the soldiers families and the children clutched their dad's neck and cried unashamed. This really hit home for me. I know it has to be hard for any family to watch a loved one or a friend go off to war. It is hard to understand how they feel everyday as they wake up praying that their loved one is ok. When people listen to this song I hope it moves them to a better understanding of what a military family has to cope with. The song also tells how a family sticks together and realizes God has a reason and purpose for all things.
Alyssa Gaddis7th Grade

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