Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Life 12/365....and a brief post

We'll start with a Picture Of The Day......

{Blake...1st Day of High School....9th Grade here we come}

This was a different kind of 1st Day for us....

Obviously, Quentin isn't here to share the morning with us and that makes it bittersweet, but I know he's thinking of Blake as he starts high school today. He would probably roll his eyes along with Blake and tell me I make too big of a fuss over the first day and ask me why I have to take a million

Second, for the 1st time, I only had one child to get up and ready for school. Mallorye doesn't start college until next week, so this morning was all about Blake. (I did make her get up and take a picture for me and snapped one of her and Blake...I was nice and didn't post

It was different kind of morning, but I'm so excited for Blake (and let's be honest...I love school routine) He's growing into a wonderful young man and I know that he's going to have an incredible year. My prayer is that he will impact his school this year for God as he grows closer and more mature in his faith.

So....bring on the school year!

{I think this is his "quit-taking-pictures-mom-I'm-not-a-little-kid-anymore" look}

{Yes, my freshman is taller than me...he's taller than everyone!}

{On his way....we live just a few blocks from the high school}


kelliegene said...

Blake is so stinkin' tall. You know I'd like to see the world from that height...just once...and take him grocery shopping with me so he can reach all the stuff I want from the top shelves! Maybe my shortness is why I chose a weenie dog for a daughter. I needed someone shorter than me to spend my days with.

Heather Palacios said...

Toooooooooo precious!! I love it that you got all these pix of your lil man. Who's actually a big man!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Kel- I'll let ya borrow him some day on your grocery trip. :)

Heather- assure you he wasn't excited about me taking these, but he loves me so he obliged (and I can take away his tv)