Sunday, January 9, 2011

{It's A Faith Thing}

Our church has partnered with the Voice of Hope Ministries over the past two years in spreading the gospel to the Nicaraguan people. Both of my children, Mallorye & Blake, had the privilege to go on the initial missionary trip in 2009 and now our church is preparing for the 3rd missionary trip to this region in December 2011.
I have had a desire to participate in a foreign mission for several years, but the door has never really opened for me to be able to go. I'm earnestly praying that God open this door for the 2011 trip. I'm not so sure that it is as much about what I can bring to Nicaragua, as it is that I feel God has something to show me through this trip and the preparations of going.
It will have to be a God thing.
For one, I'm terrified of sharing the gospel. I'm always afraid that I will botch the plan of salvation somehow and leave the person with more questions than answers.
Also, I really wanted to do this as a family, but Quentin doesn't share the same desire and passion...which is fine...but I need him to be on board with me going...and Blake...because this will take HUGE sacrifices for our family.
Then there's the cost.
It's $1700 per person...that's $3400 for me & Blake to be able to go...or $300 a month. We have 3 weeks to decide...for God to reveal with complete certainty, His will regarding this trip. 3 weeks to come up with the initial deposit of $150 each. I want to follow God and not get caught up in all the things that seem impossible....
so...I'm praying...
for peace...for God's will...for faith.
That's really where it's at...
do I have the faith to be obedient...even when it doesn't make sense to me...or to those around me...when I know the only way it will happen is if God takes care of it.
It's a faith thing!
Will you pray with me?


kelliegene said...

I WILL pray with you. I pray you hear God's leading with amazing clarity.

mindi said...

Wow! I hope it works out for you! I'll be praying for you, that this is the direction God is leading you. Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Stephanie said...

Wow - that's a huge cost. I'll pray that you will see His will clearly and be able to make your decision!