Tuesday, July 2, 2013


For twenty-one years now, someone has called me mom. It's hard to believe. I've kind of grew up with my first-born and now we're more than just mother & daughter...we are truly best friends.

I'm so proud of the incredible woman that Mallorye has become.
She is a faithful and devoted wife...a patient mother and advocate for her child...she is passionate about God and His plan for not only her life, but the lives of everyone...she is a successful student and will graduate this year with her BSN.

Happy Birthday Mallorye!!
You are LOVED!

Me & Mallorye
Can you see the resemblance? LOL.

We had dinner at Chili's to celebrate and ran into Adrienne :)

Sibling Love...these two have become so close over the past year. I'm so glad that they have each other to walk this life with. I know that they will always have each others back.

Mallorye & Micah...these two have been friends for almost forever and have often been mistaken for sisters.

Gotta love Matt's card to Mallorye....I'm certain this is one of the reasons Mal married him :)

The Birthday Girl :)
Twenty-One Wonderful Years!

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