Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Currently in ...November}

Oops...I totally skipped October. Well, I didn't really skip it...I lived every hard day of it, I just spared you guys from the gruesome details of my life. This is just such a hard season of my life, but I know that God is faithful and that someday soon this will just be a memory. So for now, I live each day, learning as I go of how much God loves me and what He wants me to glean from this particular season.

Current Read: Reading has been difficult for me this year, but I seem to have picked up my groove over the past week or so and just finished a book I started earlier in the year, "Second Wind" by Cami Ostman. It encouraged me to live life on my terms...to race on my terms. I'm also reading "Love & Respect" and praying for wisdom.

Current Playlist: Throwin' it back to the 80's lately with a little Bon Jovi, Poison, and GNR

Current Drink: Ugh...I've been bad :( Dr. Pepper has been my mainstay for a month now.

Current Food: Soups of any kind

Current Favorite Favorite: Family Time...it's been much needed and I've experienced some great moments over the past few weeks. From cheering Blake on at races to making Chili base with my mom and sister to sharing ice cream with Q and cuddling with Olivia and hearing all about Mal & Matt's school adventures. Family is the best.

Current Addiction: Chocolate

Current Wish List: a Money Tree...Christmas is way too close

Current Need: Money needs to go here too...Q has been off work since late August and the effects are felt every day.

Current Triumph: Setting a new PR under 40 minutes...38:40 at the Harvest Run in Leachville

Current Annoyance: Blake's lab, Tucker, has become Houdini dog and keeps escaping the fence

Current Indulgence:  Don't judge...Snickers (about once a week)

Current Mood: Relaxed...could be the 4 days I've spent at home, mostly in bed.

Current Blessing: A job that allows me time to be home when I'm just not feeling like being there...time to re-energize

Current Outfit: Grey pajama pants and blue/yellow Walcott Trail Run t-shirt (most of my shirts are from races)

Current Excitement: The fact that my craft room is finally set up and ready for some creative juices! After 2 years without this room, I am SO ready!!

Current Project:Working on my bedroom and going through my closet & drawers

Current plans for the day: Resting from being under the weather...watching Miss O (she has strep) ....and making a big pot of chili

Current link: I've really started to try and read more blogs on running and The Hungry Runner Girl is quickly becoming a fave...so real. She blogs about running and her daughter and just life in general and has great tips...especially for us new runners :)

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