Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three Roses

My children never cease to amaze and surprise me! Blake is such a tenderhearted soul and this week he has shown that side more than I've seen in a while. I absolutely love to receive flowers...I don't know what it is, but I just like knowing that someone thought of me that particular day. Since Quentin is gone, I don't get them very often...not that I got them alot when he was stateside...but that's another story. Anyway, Blake has brought me a rose home every day this week. After the 3rd one....and they're all a different color...I had to ask where he was getting them from. Come to find out, he's been stopping at the neighbors and "borrowing" their roses to bring to mom. I hated to, but I had to tell him, not to bring me anymore. He was so proud of himself for doing something for his mom. He didn't even tell me the first day...he let me discover the rose on my own. I just love it...another way God is blessing through this deployment. He's allowing my children to cultivate their personalities. Blake is a lover...and he shows love through many of the main ways is through gifts, but the real gift is how Blake is maturing into a wonderful young man! I honestly think that these three roses mean more to me than all the florists bouquets I've received throughout all the years. A true gift from the heart.

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Big Bro said...

I remember having Blake in Sunday school class. He and his sister both were most times quiet. But when they spoke , they always had something positive and worthwhile to talk about. Come to think of it. I never heard them speak of anything in a negative light.
I truly agree with you from the short time I was a part of their lives as mom and dads frind and sunday school teacher to both kids that they both will grow up and mature to become fine outstanding people. Always remember sis , despite what mistakes we make along the road of life, God simply states to teach our children the way they should go, and when they are older they will remain upon that path. Your children are a testimony to that fact. I know you and Q are very proud. And you should be, in this day and time, it is an awesome accomplishment.