Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Grateful...that's what I am today! Q finally got his internet service restored in Iraq and we've been able to talk the last 3 days...it's not the same as hearing his voice, but it's so nice to have a conversation with the one you love. We're very blessed in this war to have the modern technology that allows us the freedom to communicate in just about every form imaginable. Past wars have not had such luxuries. I think about my great grandparents and wonder how they survived being apart for so long with no communication...I wish they were still alive to ask. I pray that my granny is smiling down from Heaven, proud to see how her great granddaughter is handling the deployment. I like to think that I make her proud! I'm also very grateful at the way that Q and I have bonded and that we've been spared some of the marital difficulties that come from extended separation. Not that we've been without our own struggles and scars, but for the most part, God has protected us and allowed us room to grow...as a couple...and in Christ. I've found that looking for the silver linings definitely makes this entire situation much more bearable...so today...I choose to be .....grateful!

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