Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been kinda out of sync the past few one of those wonderful migraine headaches. God always has a way of slowing me down. If I won't take care of myself, He makes sure that I have no choice but to take a day of rest. AND, if the headache wasn't enough....the storm blew the neighbors tree across our, just in case I was thinking of getting out to spite my head throbbing...I couldn't. I just find so much humor in that. Why is it that we as women push ourselves so hard? Why can't we just take a break, go with the flow, kick back in the lazyboy...not that there's anything wrong with that and I'm not looking to pick a battle....women just naturally give till there's nothing left. I'm slowly beginning to realize that there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself now and again. Your family might just thank you for it!! Lesson learned? Even though I had an excruciating headache yesterday...I was able to do something for! Who knew a migraine would turn into a little pampering?

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