Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sleepless Nights

Another sleepless night....they just seem to come and go. I have several days or even weeks of really good sleep...good for me (5 hours in a row)...and then, out of nowhere, I can't sleep again. Last night was one of those nights. I tossed and turned for hours. Just so many thoughts running through my head that I couldn't get settled. Anyway, I'm sure it will make for a long day. See, already, even as I try to blog...I just can't seem to focus my thoughts!! Aaargh!

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Big Bro said...

Hey sis,
I know this deployment has had its share of struggles for you and Q both, not to mention the kids and others close to your heart and part of your lives. Rest assured though ginger that when you are walking about outside or riding in the vehicle or sitting in the stands at one of the kids ballgames....you can take comfort in knowing that the same sun that warms your face warms the face of your beloved spouse. The same stars he sleeps under are the same ones you will see when you look up at night. The same thoughts and longings you have for your husband and his presence back home from this war are and can only be shared by one other in heart and mind and spirit. Your husband. For the 2 become one.
And rest assured , unless the Lord returns during the night the sun will rise in the mornings and the stars will continue to blanket your dreams and hopes for the future. And Most importantly of all The same God in heaven you pray to each day, is the same one Q prays to, and it is the combined faith and will of the Lord that will see you through. Trust in the Lord as you have been and he will give you rest. God Bless you sis, Q and the kids.