Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Was it the flowers? Or the card? All I know is today, I was sitting at work on my morning break...just relaxing and taking it easy...when the local florist comes to the door with this beautiful bouquet. I thought they were for my boss' wife, but they were for completely, unsuspecting, me! Next thing I know, the waterworks are on. My wonderful husband did it again...even though he's 8000 miles across the globe...he managed to surprise me and show me how much he loves me. There was a beautiful Mother's Day card attached...but it was the last sentence that made me just crumble and melt. It said, " I grow more in love with you each year and more thankful that you are my wife, my love, and my very best friend." Who wouldn't melt? I remember last Mother's Day...he had guard drill in preparation for this deployment. I remember being so angry that they were taking my husband away from me, knowing we would spend the next Mother's Day apart. And, a year later, here we are. I'm so thankful that we are this point. A year ago I wouldn't have received flowers. I wouldn't have known how much Quentin loves me. I wouldn't know how much I love him. So, yes, I cried today...not tears of sorrow and sadness...but tears of gratefulness, appreciation, and a deep love that can only be cultivated through years of perseverance..(Quentin, thank you for remembering!) Happy Mother's Day to me! and all the wives that celebrate alone this year.

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