Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I've been pondering a thought I read on a dear friends blog....what are the moments that have taken my breath away? What's sad is that I've been thinking on this for an entire week and still am struggling with the answer. I know the birth of my children was definitely two of those moments.....driving to the Smoky Mts. with Quentin our first year of marriage and the view from up there....seeing my children be baptized....seeing Mallorye after being pulled from a sink hole....hearing the doctors say that my mom had cancer.....seeing Quentin board that bus on his way to Iraq. There have been good moments...bad moments...and everything in between. God gives us opportunities every day to have our breath taken by His creation. This exercise made me realize how much I take that for granted. I'm going to try to begin looking for these moments...stop and smell the roses...splash in that puddle....just sit and be still and marvel at the wonder of God. And if you're next big moment will be seeing my wonderful husband get off that plane. I can't imagine. I'm sure that will take my breath away and I can't wait! It's one of those moments I definitely want to soak up.

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Big Bro said...

Sis I love your deep thought mode it is similiar to my wifes and mine.
I have pondered the things you spoke of in this posting. I have anticipated moments , dreaded moments, loved and lost, all the goods and bads in life. Even losing one of my parents in 1990.
You know what I have found? That out of all the moments I have had , the best moment I had above all others is the day I accepted Christ..why? because without God these last serveral years I would not have made it through the bad moments, I wouldnt have enjoyed the good moments as much as I should have, and most of all I wouldnt my wife now and my kids, or friends like you and Q and a few others! Not to mention i would have no hope of ever being in heaven, where there is no deployment, there is no war, no sickness, no death, only fellowship and worship of our Lord . A place I want us all to make it to. The one place we will be able to look back and laugh upon this life and wonder why we ever had any doubts. I am in no hurry to pass on, but when i do , I know we will one day be reunited as saints in His glory.
The best moment has occured in my life, but it just keeps getting better. Ups and downs and trials along the way, but definitely better.How does one improve upon that?