Saturday, June 9, 2007

Relay For Life

The kids and I had such an incredible night at the Relay For Life....our team was the 875th Charlie Angels...isn't that cute? We won 1st place for Team Campsite and had a blast connecting with our "soldier family." We reunited with some old friends that had been MIA lately and connected with a few new faces that we hadn't met yet. Over $100,000.00 was raised through 28 teams for the fight against cancer. This years theme was "fighting the war on cancer at home and abroad" and it was so neat to see all the different teams not only uniting for a cause, but also giving tribute to our soldiers. This community has been phenomenol in it's support. You expect that from a military community, but this is a civilian town, and I wasn't sure that the level of support would sustaing throughout the entire deployment. I'm pleased to say that for the most has. We finally hung in the towel around 2am...which was a good thing since Blake had to play ball at 10:30 this morning. But, I wouldn't have traded this night for felt good to give back to the community and for our kids to see that sometimes you need to think of others needs and comforts above your own.

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