Monday, June 11, 2007


I was reminded this weekend of the beauty of true friendships by a couple of instances. One was that an old friend and his family came in for a visit. It was nice to reconnect and catch up on the past 4 much as you can in an overnight visit. I was so glad that I could welcome them into our home without it being a stressful situation. A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to do that...the house would've been a mess and I would've just been way too stressed. I enjoyed getting to meet his wife and family for the first time...a beautiful blessing for him. Another instance was at church yesterday. A dear friend came to me with tears, realizing how we've become disconnected and prayed for that reconnection in our friendship. You know, life is full of trials and tribulations, but when you can share the journey with friends that you can call true...then it's so much better. we learned this weekend (or were reminded of)...trial by fire is how God proves our faith and strengthens our character. I honestly want my character and faith to be proved genuine...even if it means that I have to endure some tough times. I know God is with me and will walk with me and He has provided friends like these that will walk beside me. Isn't God great? Yes, He is!


Big Bro said...

Hey there,
We loved being able to visit as well. Like you the only regret was not having more time.A problem we plan to remedy on our next visit , God willing. By then Q will be at home and settling back in.
Its hard to squeeze 4 years into part of one day . Anyhow we too enjoyed the visit, and look forward to next time.
I know the past year or so has been testing for both our families, while the sources of stress and trying times may vary here and there, the end result is the same, its a test of faith. Looking back on the sermon Charles had, I think it was well fitted for both families, mine and yours. Isn't it awesome how God works to bring things to bear just when we need to be reminded?!
As far as friends in the fire, I think we have earned the blue ribbon of survival thus far and the Lord the bright and shining star of accomplishment for guiding us through those fires. Wow!
When you sit and think a moment , its nothing short of miraculous most times. As I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt , I have a lifetime friend in Charles . I want you to know sis, that our prayers and wishes are the same for our two families. We have shown ourselves true blue for ever since we have known one another through the fires we each have faced, the way Christ intended. And instructed us to be as Christians. You and Q have always been my friends. Know that I and my family will always be yours. May God bless you and comfort you and guide you sis. Its great to know, like you said that God provides for friends to help us get us through this life. We are glad you and Q are on true blue list. Hopefully that friendship will reflect God is always on the top of the true blue list as well.
Love ya

Lauriebelle said...

Hi Ginger! Thanks for the email and checking out my blog! I'll definitely be keeping y'all up to date on the move! And I will of course be at the retreat next year! Hope all is well!

Hugs, Laurie