Thursday, June 14, 2007

What I'm Reading Now..

...I have a new list on my blog site. I'm an avid reader and usually have a couple books in process at a time, so I thought I'd keep you guys up on what my current reading finds are. Who knows, if you love to read as much as I do, maybe you'll see a title that sparks your curiousity. Currently, I'm reading in the book of Psalms with our church (we're reading through the Bible together as a body), a new book by Karen Kingsbury titled "Sunrise," and an old fave, "Every Woman's Battle" by Shannon Etheridge (ok...this one's really a Bible study..but it still counts). One post is not enough space...although I guess it could be if I wanted it to write about each I'll just stick to one for now and fill you in on the others later. "Every Woman's Battle" is a book that has transformed my life. I went through the study a few years ago with 3 very dear friends and we walked the fire together. I really think that it changed all of us for the better. I'm going through it now with 2 of my friends who's husbands are also deployed to Iraq. If ever there was a time for accountability...that time is now. It's just nice to have someone that's not afraid to ask the tough questions and that you know understands that women do struggle. One thing I learned this past week is that being tempted is not a sin...Jesus was's what you do with that temptation that matters. I'm so thankful that I have the tools from this study and God's Word to fight Satan's attacks. Praise You God! The whole focus of the book is on emotional and sexual integrity. Now, don't tune out on me...women struggle just as much as men...we're just better at hiding it because it usually goes on in our head. I've learned that the battle starts in my thought life and if I keep my mind stayed on Christ and my heart in check..then my body follows suit. If I allow even one aspect to become swayed, then I have to really watch out...'cause Satan is ready to pounce on that situation. I think that every woman should go through this study. NOBODY is immune and if you think you are, then you're just the one that Satan is going to attack next. Check it out. It's a great book and a great way to start an accountability group.

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Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Ginger, it says alot about your integrety already that you would not only read and share it with other women. I wish she would have written 20 years ago when I was waiting on my husband to come home from deployment:( It won't be to much longer for you now. You are a good example to us all.