Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm slowly readjusting to life without Q again....just a few more months....It's been nice to reflect this week on our visit and to see how far we've come as a couple. I stand in awe of our Father who in His infinite wisdom saw how this deployment would unfold and he kept me hanging on to a hope until this time passed. I'm so thankful that I didn't give up on mine and Q's relationship. I'm grateful that I had true friends that held me accountable and who encouraged me to keep on keepin' on. I'm humbled that I have a husband that put up with my inconsiderate and selfish ways knowing how much he loved me and that if he loved me long enough...I would come around. I honestly have the best spouse. Thank you God!!!!

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Big Bro said...

Its so awesome to just sit back and read your words and experiences. I know that this deployment had so many question marks and uncharted territoires for you both. When I read this blog entry i was reminded of Gods word, and how he promises we will rise up as if on the wings of eagles, if we just wait upon HIM. This testimony is only further proof that. It is also proof and re-enforcement of the fact that indeed God is control and his plans are for good and not disaster. For a Future and a hope.
Sis I have seen you grow so much, even if from a dstance, I know it is even more evident to those around you all the time. You have overcome tragedy and otherthings this last year you never dreamed you would have to face. its obvious you kept the faith. Even in the weakest of moments. And the feelings you are able to share with the world, the testimony your faith shares in this entry iis proof of two things. The power of prayer and God is Glorious! Keep on keeping on sis, where the rubber meets the road, you know you will have friends in this family too that will always be there for you and yours. may God continue to Bless you all!