Friday, September 21, 2007

8 Days and Counting...

Time is flying until Quentin arrives home to Arkansas. I managed to get the living room scrubbed from top to bottom last night...including windows and baseboards. It was a hectic day! I went to Blake's parent/teacher conferences on my lunch hour...all A's and apparently he's very popular with the girls this year. Several mom's wanted to know who he was because their daughter had a crush on They'll have to fight Gena on that one...his "girlfriend" of 2 years. Mallorye had A's and B's, which I was pleased with considering she's taking 5 Advanced classed, 2 of those being Biology AND Chemistry...what was she thinking??! Blake had football practice last night and Mal had a volleyball game in Beebe (2 hour drive). So, I was pretty pleased to get the living room finished!

I'm about to head out to the armory. The news crew is meeting us there and we're going out to erect the billboard!! YEAH!! I think we're going to get to walk the catwalk even. I promise I'll have pix up this weekend! Still haven't heard from hubby, but I think he's due to be in the States today or tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll call soon! I miss him!!!!

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