Friday, September 21, 2007

Homecoming Preparation

Well, the billboard didn't go up today :( ...but, it should on Monday!! We still did a few Homecoming Promo things with the press...spent a little time at the armory showing off our banners and signs that we're going to line the streets with. My favorite ones are the (50) Miles Till Your First Kiss....we have 50 miles, 40 miles, 25 miles, etc...until the final sign..."0 Miles Till Your First Kiss...Pucker Up Baby" gotta love it! We also showed off our Demolition Derby Car...the 875th Charlies Angels...and the media got some pix of us wives painting the car and signing our soldiers name on the car. The car will run in the Outlaw Derby tomorrow night in Jonesboro. Then, we did some media footage of us wives putting up the first Welcome Home Banner at one of the doctors offices here in town that's along the bus route. It really made things seem more real...they're really coming home!! I'm getting excited...much more excited than nervous now!! By the way...all of the house is finished except the master bedroom, scrapbooking room (which might be beyond help!) and the porch!! Woo Hoo!! Well, I need to hit the hay...I have an early day. KAIT8 News will be at my house before's a, you'll have to tune into my blog tomorrow night to find out what that was about! See ya tomorrow!

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