Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Next Layer...

...ok, I know many of you are wondering..."what happened after age 24?" I'd love to report that after I became a Christian that life has been all happily ever after, but as we all is far from the fairy tale. I still struggle with emotional and sexual integrity. This is probably the biggest issue for me. I have to constantly be on guard for compromising situations because I know this is an area of weakness. I love my husband and this has nothing to do with's about my own selfish desires. I just am thankful that God's grace is sufficient...for even me. It's sufficient for you too...if you were wondering. I still have an occasional drink and sometimes I want to push that limit too far. I still struggle with anger and wanting my own way. You know, sometimes I just want to crank the stereo up on some good rock-n-roll music and just drive and leave the cares of the world far behind. See, I'm not much different from you. But I know at the end of the day that my God has me in the palm of his hands and He won't let me fall too far. He's there waiting for me to realize I need Him and He's always waiting with arms open wide. Even when this world doesn't understand me or where I'm coming from, even when I don't understand God understands! I'm loving peeling off these layers of masks that I've worn. It has to be the most freeing rid myself of these things that weigh me down! Wow!

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