Monday, September 17, 2007


...aka..."let's learn to be a family again." I spent Saturday at what the military calls a Reintegration Briefing, listening to people tell me how I'm supposed to respond to my husband and how I'm not supposed to "rock the boat." Don't get me wrong, I think they had good intentions, but after several hours, it was apparent that I am not a concern to the military...only something they must deal with. I'm frustrated at the seemingly lack of resources available. I'm tired of being told to suck it up and deal...does anyone care how I feel? Is anyone telling my soldier to give ME time to adapt? The soldier isn't the only one that's been "battling" for the past 14 months...I've had my own wars to fight and quite frankly I'm tired too. be more precise...but all I've heard is how I must continue to carry the load because I need to give my soldier time to adapt...that I need to leave him alone and not expect too much...that I need to be sensitive to his needs...what about my needs? Is that anyone's concern? I admit, I'm feeling a little selfish, but at the present moment..I feel entitled.

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