Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome Home Sgt. Bales

This picture is of us at 5:45am...waiting on daddy to roll into Paragould! I cannot even describe right now the feeling of watching those busses pull in at the armory and seeing my soldier step off that bus. The friends, family, media, community, and supporters was just overwhelming! Welcome Home 875th EN BN Charlie Co and Welcome Home Sgt. Bales...we've missed you!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, my friend, glad to know that Q is home safely. Praying for you all as you re-adjust. Sorry I cut our phone conversation short the other night. I know you needed to talk and I just couldn't. I do love you and am praying for you!!!

Big Bro said...

Q and Ginger , kids Mal and Blake

I have no words to describe my feelings of alleviation at the final news of Qs safe arrival ,Wow! what a year! We are hoping to get to be able to come visit again around the first of the year. We hated missing homecoming, but just couldnt get away with all the school goins on and schedules here. Wish we would have been closer in locale, then at least one of us could have made it. But then again, its a crucial reunion time ,and one that shouldnt have to be shared to much. This is your guys time.
I came out of the room Sunday , one or two tears had snuck out, my wife caught eye of it, asked what was wrong. I said nothing. Just happy my friend, my brother in Christ had made it home safely.
Indeed something I along with you guys and others will be thankful for a long time to come. Welcome home Q, you all need anyone or anything, you know how to reach us. Love you guys! God Bless

Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Well, the waiting is over and it's time to get back to life as you once knew it only better.

Q, a personal note to you, I know you have had a remarkable time this past year in a country of conflict and war, I pray that those memories will only made you stronger and wiser. And that the time away from your family will only make you appreciate them and love them more.

I appreciate the sacrifice you gave to this country and you and the men of the 875th are my hero's.

Welcome home!