Friday, October 26, 2007

Message Board Instructions

Ok, several of you have been interested in the "how-to's" of making these fun message center's, so I decided it would be easier to just post a blog...and much quicker!! I might mention, if anyone lives in the Northeast Arkansas area, I have a friend who hosts workshops to teach you to do these and walks you through step-by-step.

Materials Needed;
26 gauge sheet metal cut in 24" square
(3) 12x12 coordinating patterned paper
ribbon or cording
(6) self-adhesive laminating sheets
Herma-Fix glue
Tacky Tape (double sided)
Embellishments of choice (optional)
Eyelet setter

Clean sheet metal with soap/water...allow to dry. Adhere the 3 sheets of patterned paper using the Herma fix. Apply laminating sheets..overlapping the edges about 1". Drill 1/8" hole in top corners and use eyelet setter to smooth sheet metal. Apply ribbon or cording to edges and seams using tacky tape. Thread wide ribbon through holes and knot to hang. Add magnets and other embellishments as desired.

Ta-Dah! Great gift!! And you did it all by yourself! Feel free to email me if you have questions!

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Big Bro said...

As if my wifes honey-do list wasnt long . kinda a neat project though, so i dont guess Ill mind doing the mechanical part for her. She can manage the decor issues... Love ya gang