Monday, October 29, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

Wow, it has been non-stop this weekend. I'm thinkin' I need a day off to recuperate from my 2 days off!!

Friday night, Paragould High School honored our troops at the last home football game. It was a very neat experience. They fed us a bar-b-q plate before the game with all the trimmings AND dessert. The ROTC led the soldiers and families out onto the field to a crowd of cheers. We were the first family on the field, so I think it was even more surreal for us, following directly behind our nations colors. Then the band played 2 songs for us, they introduced each soldier and their family, the cheerleaders did a cheer for us, followed by a dance routine from the dance team.

Saturday was just packed! Mallorye went to her first rock concert. A group of 15 kids from school all went together (and yes, they had chaperone's). It was a general admission concert, so they got up early and waited at the gate for 7 hours!! But, it paid off...they were 2nd in line and made friends with the security guard. They fed him lunch...they had brought picnic he had some of his staff hold 3rd row seats for them! How kewl is that??! While she was out playing, the rest of us were doing a little partying of our own. It was my nephews 8th birthday, so we had a party at the house for him...complete with pinata! Then it was on to Blake's girlfriends party...she loved her gift...and we had a great time. Quentin and I stayed and helped out. They had a haunted hayride for the kids...Q went and scared and I rode in the trailer to keep an eye on kiddos. They also played a game..body id...where the kids had to stick their hand in a bowl and guess what an item was without looking....eyes, liver, tongue, and brain...the catch? The liver and tongue were fresh from a slaughtered cow!! His girlfriend is a rancher and they slaughtered a cow that it was fresh body parts! The kids had no idea until it was over...Hilarious!!

Sunday, was church...great sermon on spiritual warfare. I think so many people are unaware of how much warfare goes on in our daily lives and that we can defend ourselves against those attacks. Our pastor did a great job! Last night, we had the Stars and Stripes Welcome Home 875th Celebration...a big shindig at the convocation center. They fed us a meal, had some speakers, and then the Charlie Daniels Band performed. He did a great job...and you've never heard our National Anthem until you've heard it on the fiddle...that was incredible!!!

Can you see why I'm tired??! It was a great weekend. We had a ton of family time. It was humbling to see my husband honored in so many different venues. And it was a joy to watch my children spread their wings this weekend. Well, now I guess I need to get ready for work....


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like it was a weekend filled with wonderful, moving, yummy, and gross! :)

Hope you have time to recuperate this week!!


mindi said...

Wow - what a weekend! Yay for the football game and recognition, yuck on the cow parts!!

Big Bro said...

It is good to know that honors are shown to our soldiers. Especially since one of them was the whole reason I was initally involved in the FRG. I know the deployment was one of the hardest times for you both , for a miriad of reasons. But God got you through. the honors you recieve are well earned and deserved both as soldier and family.
I can honestly say i have never been more proud in my life to be able to call two people friends. Than i am of you both. May God always bless and keep you and the kids.... love you all!
Always- your friend - John