Thursday, November 1, 2007

Packing Up Again..

It's been a busy week and hubby is packing up again...he's due to be at Ft. Ball tomorrow for PLDC training tomorrow evening, so he'll be leaving bright and early in the morning. He's taking the mom mobile (aka mini van) because (A) it's roomier and (B) it's more I'll be driving the Camry the next few weeks or as Mal likes to call it ...the "ghetto car." Should be interesting!

I have a project that I'm determined to get completed while Q is away on TDY. You guys have got to keep me motivated and accountable. I want to get the scrapbook room cleaned and organized. It is a complete mess. Every surface is covered with projects not finished, supplies needing put away, and the floor is covered in military stuff that hasn't found a home yet! I'm starting tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get in from work and plan on having a nice, creative, organized space to work on my scrapbooking and card making by Nov 17th!! I'll post pix tomorrow, so you can see just how very desperate I am!! I'd post tonight, but I know I'll be busy helping hubby find those last minute know how it goes!

I'm thankful that this time, he's only going to be gone for 2 weeks and not 15 months!!


Belle-ah said...

I meant to post above but a big THANKS to you, your DH and family for the sacrifices you make. I pray for our military and their families!

mindi said...

Good luck with organizing. Oh, and if you check out she's hosting a contest regarding organizing. You might want to take some pictures and enter!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Have fun with the organizing... if that's possible. I actually like it. It is enjoyable for me except when I have to ward off small children from the area being cleaned/organized. That is not fun :) And the feeling of accomplishment afterwards... awesome!

I am looking forward to the after pictures!