Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Mayhem

Another Monday....I wish I had some earth shattering news...or at least something blog worthy..but it's relatively a boring day around here. Our typical basketball practice for Blake, volleyball game for Mallorye, squeeze in dinner and grocery shopping, work, a little housekeeping, and ready to crash. It's a busy week and I'm sure it will not be without some challenges, so I'm sure I'll have something of interest to blog about later this week. Until then.


Big Bro said...

Hey guys-

Well Sometimes not having alot of earth-shattering news can be a pleasant blessing in disguise. I know Melissa and I both welcome the occasional break from the mayhem of life every now and again. Looking back at the past year, its hard to imagine many more extremes . The worst of times and best of times. But God is faithful concerning his promises, and thankfully he provided a way that many will once again be able to enjoy the casual boring day again back home in the wake of a lengthy deployment. Days we once took for granted will from here on out be cherished for what they are.
For those days will never come again, as we move forward in this fabric of time and life. May you and Q and the kids always be blessed with those occasional quiet days. God Bless you and the family sis. Love yall bunches

John and Melissa

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Yes, I'll take boring and normal any time! So exciting to see your "homecoming" pictures - I can't imagine being apart that long. I think our longest is about ten days. So happy for you!