Monday, November 12, 2007

Mal's Photo Shoot

We did a little photo shoot between pageants and this is my favorite! I have to admit, two pageants in one day is a bit crazy...we probably won't try that again...but all in all she did really great.

Pageant #1 she wore the hot pink dress and captured the crown and photogenic category.

Pageant #2 she wore her royal blue satin dress that she wore for homecoming and was able to win 2nd runner up.

Grand total of the day; 1 crown, 1 trophy, 1 plaque, 3 medals, 3 sashes, and a certificate! AND ALOT OF MOM AND DAD'S MONEY!!! Look out Miss America, here comes Mallorye!! And of course, I'm not proud at all ;)

Now, lest someone think that I'm all about the ego trip....I allow Mallorye to compete as a way to build confidence and build interview skills. It's a great way to earn scholarship money for college and it's fun. We do not cry or pout over losing and should we ever misbehave, that will be the end of our pageant days. I'm a strong advocate of good sportsmanship...even in pageants. We've always told her that all the girls are pretty and it's a matter of opinion who wins on a particular night. You have to be prepared to lose as well as win and I think she does both very graciously. I'm very proud of the example that she sets.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks for stopping by and entering my contest.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen Mal since she got her braces off. She is growing up way to quickly!! Congrats on the wins.

mindi said...

I think it's wonderful. She's beautiful and it is a great way to build self-confidence!!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well bias schmias mom! I figure you can be a little biased if you want.. kinda an understood parental right as far as the pageants and competing and all that stuff. Having the chance to have known her when she was just a nobby knee little one , and seeing how she has blossomed like most daughters , taking after mom, and above all knowing from her mission trips and faithfulness to God that she has a Christian heart... she cant help but be a winner...Congrats to Mal on her crown and title. I look at my little one, Destiny, and then my wife ,and even though she favors dad in some ways, I know she will grow up to be as beautiful as her mother. You and Mal continue to cherish these times ,have alot of fun, I can guarantee long after us as parent types have moved on from this life, those memories will still be strong in our kids.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

She's a beautiful girl, Ginger. It sounds like you have a very healthy and responsible approach to the pageant arena. And I agree, from what little I know about pageantry, it does seem like a great way to build skills and confidence - good posture too :)


Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Hip Hip Horay Mal!!! She looks absolutly stunning. I agree with you Gin, I have seen the way it has helped my neice thru the years. And with all your own experiences as MRs. Arkansas, what better way to teach her the importance of communication skills.
She has grown up to be a beauitful girl inside and out. You can see the heart of Jesus when she speaks and smiles, how proud you should be.