Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where Did My Week Go??

Wow! Hard to believe that it's Saturday already. Hubby will be home this afternoon and I still have a room tore apart, a mountain of laundry, and a messy kitchen. I've been battling a migraine all week and the doctor put me on a new med that makes me want to sleep...forever! Obviously that is not going to work. I find it so funny that when I call the doctor and tell him that I can't seem to get awake that he doesn't find this to be a this a male thing? Do they not know the endless things that mothers have to do and sleep is not one of the priorities? So, for now, the med is going on hold and I'll just have to deal with the break through migraines. My hubby will be home in around 7 hours, so I've got to get a move on!! Q called me last night and wants to take me out tonight...on a date! Woo hoo! Mal is spending the night at a friends and I have a sitter lined up for Blake...he hates that I don't trust him alone yet, but I'm thinkin' he needs a little more maturity to be left home alone at night. Well, I'm off. Catch up with you guys later!!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Yes the time do fly! Sommer is supposed to be in today for Thanksgiving. She is planning to stay for a couple weeks. In light of recent events with Josh and that whole mess, it will be good for her and the family I think. Especially Melissa.

Now as far as the male thing? No I think its more of a contemporary doctor thing. I have found that most doctors nowadays are pill happy. It is like the new hypocratic oath is , if they cant find whats wrong, dope the patient . Used to be they did this only in nursing homes so the nursing homes wouldnt have to care for their patients one on one as much. But its into the mainstream medical system now. Pharmaceutical Companies have to create new meds to stay in business. Of course the only way the get onto the market is if they are prescribed. Which makes modern doctors the sales staff. Even the best of doctors are guilty of it. The scary part is alot of the meds that have come out over the past few years , doctors dont really understand how they work, if and when they work. Yet they are FDA approved. I think to myself. Am I missing something here? I would recomend a neurologist by the name of Dr Kenneth Chan sis. He is in J-Town by the hospital. He doesnt just go pill happy. He will get to the bottom of the issue with your migraines. He is very intelligent. Very personable. Old school kinda of guy.
And i agree with moms take on the Blake/alone thing. Hurts nothing to wait a bit longer. He is a good kid, he will understand, even if he protest a little. Kids just dont realie how dangerous the world is. and they dont realize sometimes its not them we dont trust, but perhaps others, or the odds of something happening . Chances are nothing ever would. But as parents you know the drill.... we worry about the 1 in a million chance. Its our job.
Well I am outta here , have to finish getting ready around here. Welcome home greeting s go out to Q. Hope he has a safe trip home.
We will pray for your relief and some succesful treatment of your migraines. And keep one thing in mind sis, if your sleeping, it may be your body needs that sleep as well. Sleep deprivation can cause migraines. Been there done that. You all have a great weekend. And you and Q enjoy your date tonite.
Love you all

John and Melissa

mindi said...

I hope you have a good time on your date. My hubby is home and started working on the house - ughhh. But we have T minus 4 weeks of him home, and counting!!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Hey sis got that photo on mine fixed now. I wasnt really sure how to add the photo , I sort of just happened across the Icon for adding photos in the blog "Compose" box... guess i should have read but wheres the fun in

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope you had a great time with your husband! I love going on dates with Daniel. We never really dated before we got married because he lived in Alaska and I lived in New York, so we have a lot of making up to do! Hard to accomplish with a bunch of little ones though :)

I also hope the migraines are gone... they are truly horrible.