Thursday, December 6, 2007

Useless Ramblings

It has been a busy evening here....still trying to get the house decorated for Christmas. I managed to get all of the Christmas dishes washed and the breakfast nook decorated and table set. It looks so cute, but you'll have to wait for pix!!

I would have more done, BUT the bearing...or something like that...decided to go out on the I've been helping hubby fix that. I'm glad he's home and not in Iraq...and I'm sure John and Mike are too...they were my Mr. Fix-It's while he was away. LOL!

Ok...funny story. At supper tonight, we were all having our nightly discussion and Blake...our 12 year old...brought up a teacher at school that apparently is not very well liked. He said he knows why she's so's because "she doesn't have any real eyebrows, they're drawn on." Ok, I have no idea where that came from, but I let out a huge belly laugh that he would think such a thing. Where does this come from.

I have to put out a big Shout Out to Sarah for sharing with me how to do links on my blog and thus, fulfil one of my "Life List" things! Thanks Sarah!! I think I got it!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Okay - the eyebrows thing is SO hilarious! I love it! Made me choke on my breakfast!
And I guess I would have to tend to agree - I'd be kinda grouchy if I had to draw on my eyebrows as well. ;)

Looking forward to your Christmas pictures!


mindi said...

Ha ha! That is too funny about the eyebrows! Maybe they ARE drawn on, which would be even funnier.
Also looking foward to Christmas photos - are you doing the tour of homes? I've decided there is no way I can do it this year. Maybe next year :)

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Painted on eyebrows? wasnt there an old 80s rock song about painted on faces... who knew. kids in this generation have no clue what they missed in the 'good ole days'. lol perhaps that is best.
As far as dryer bearings... well those are always fun, or even an element that has fried itself and took a couple of thermostat shut off switches with it... we finally got a new one this year... hoping next year to have a new washer. crazy things are not cheap nowadays. one wonders which is worse though, drawn on eyebrows, or the 'hair in the can ' you see on the infomercials sometimes... go figure. If i start going bald, guess i will just have to be bald. My wife already wants me to color my gray. personally , i feel i have earned them, and have no intention of coloring them lol.
guess i would make a good modern cosmotologist...cya