Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We tried our hand at a little holiday baking tonight. I am not a cook or baker, so this was a huge stretch for me, but I think we had fun doing it. We made an absolute mess, but you know what...who cares? Life is messy. Sometimes you just have to put both hands in there and let it get all over you. (by the way...I really need a rolling pin...glass jar was a little complicated)

We also watched an old classic..."Rudolph's New Year." My kids thought it was hilarious and I was amazed at all the puns used that I had never picked up on as a child. (my kids did) My how times have changed!

We still have to make our Gingerbread House and I'm not quite finished with my shopping...I still have 6 days! So how about you? Are your gifts bought and wrapped? Any holiday plans coming up?

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mindi said...

I want some of those cookies!!