Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home Makeover?

Mindi asked if given the chance would I have an Extreme Home Makeover? YES! We currently do not own a home and rent, but I would love to have a home of our own that could reflect all our personality. I'm always so fascinated at this show that they are able to capture each person's unique personality and put their mark on their room...all in one week!

A funny side note; my daughter did write a letter to the show while her daddy was in Iraq, but never mailed it. I explained that I don't think it would work since we don't actually own a house for them to demolish!


mindi said...

I can't seem to stop watching that show :) I wondered if I would want them to come out and do a house for us, but I'm not so sure. Kevin and I always played the "Do they really NEED a new home game?" though I wish we didn't, everyone I know plays that game. Usually the answer is yes. But sometimes you just wonder how that family got picked . . .
You should have sent the letter anyway! You never know what they might have said :D

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Guess what?! You don't need to own a home to get on that show. There was a family from Camden NJ (not far from where we live) who were renting and the show used a piece of donated land in a better part of town to build them a house.

Write that letter! you never know :)