Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've Got Answers...

What a week...I've kinda been off the Blog Bandwagon this week, not posting or reading much...just kinda skimmin' through. I blame it on the weather (Arkansas weather is very fickle) and the fact that both kids have been sick...Mal still is...poor thing. So, to recap a little...then I'll answer a few questions from the 20Q Post.

The weather has been crazy insane this week! Ranging from near 70 to 23 degrees. We even had rain, sleet, snow, and back to rain all in one day! Literally, Thursday I went to the grocery store on my lunch break...the roads were becoming quickly covered with sleet and snow and the sleet was still coming I thought I should get prepared. I was in there less than 20 minutes and when I came out, it was RAINING and the snow/ice was MELTING!! Crazy!!

Both kids, to spite having had the flu shot, have been sick with the flu. Blake is doing much better and has went squirrel hunting with dad this morning. Mal on the other hand, is not faring so well. She woke me up (via text funny is that) at 2am because she was praying to the porcelain god. Poor thing can't hold down water right now.

I had an MRI of my neck Wednesday afternoon to see why I keep having spasms. I'm thinkin' it's a pinched nerve, but they insisted on a picture to verify. No news yet, probably Monday.

Ok, now the answers to your burning questions....Angie asked the following questions;

What does your average day look like?

There is no such thing as average around here! But, I usually wake up around 5am and have my morning quiet time with God...right now I'm reading through the New Testament in a year with our church and going through Beth Moore's Bible Study "Stepping Up." I try to have my shower finished before I wake up the family around 6:15am...we are all out the door by to school, me and hubby to work. I work outside the home, so I spend my days there...fortunately, I have an extremely flexible job and can take off when I need to. I make it home from work around 4:15pm and the chaos begins! We have dinner as soon as I get home because usually someone has a ballgame or practice or something! Right now, Blake is in basketball season, so we're at the gym 2-3 nights a week. Wednesday's and Sunday's are church, and Monday's are my Bible Study night. It's insanely busy, but our family thrives on that, so it works for us. Everyone pitches in with housework, so that doesn't take a lot of time and I'm a little OCD about organization which I believe makes the house run a whole lot better! I really do try to be in bed by 10:30pm and most nights it works.

What was your career before you were a mom?

I've always been a mom. Or at least pretty much. I'm one of the statistics of teenage pregnancy....I became pregnant my senior year of high school, graduated that May, baby in July, married in August, started college in Januuary. I'm not super proud of that time in my life, but I am thrilled that God chose to bless me spite my failures. He has done amazing things with this "Rahab" and strenthened our family in the process. So, as far as a career before motherhood, they've just kinda went hand in hand. I went to college while bringing up babies and somehow learned to juggle it. It didn't always work perfectly, but it did work. Now, I have a nursing degree and I work for a construction company in accounting!! Which is an entirely different blog post!! LOL!

How did you and your husband meet? And how long have you been married?

We've been married over 15 years!! And extremely proud of it!! We were a blind date set up by....his ex-girlfriends mother...LOL! I don't think she intended on us falling in love and getting married, but God does have a sense of humor, doesn't he? I actually stood him up three times because I was scared to go on a blind date. I finally went and the rest is history. We've had major ups and downs...seen it all...birth, death, financial woes, affairs, major illness of everyone in the family, deployment...I sometimes look at what we've endured and I am amazed that we're still together, but God is so faithful! He has given me my soul mate and has shown me how to love him.

Ok, this is extremely long, but hopefully you learned a little more about me (and still like me) and weren't bored to tears with my life. I've always lived life as an open book, so if there are any more burning questions...just throw 'em out there!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Hey sis...
Looks as if your blog brings glory to God pretty well too. Its evident in how you carry your words and share experiences.

As far as liking ya still? well yeah ! anyhow
When i see a question like that, I am reminded of the verse that says in the book of John , "you without sin cast the first stone."
You share testimony, as your life like mine and everyone that is a Christian should be according to scripture grows toward doing that more and more.
We must not fear what people will think of us. Noone is without blame.
Scripture also warns us that the fear of man is a snare to the soul.
Found in the book of Psalms
Finally scriptures also say that we are to let our light shine before men so they may see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven...that sis is what I see in my wifes blog on yahoo, and here on your blog. Plus you keep yours more interesting than mine with photos and stuff... but I will learn how to do more as I go.
Keep on Keeping on.

Hate to hear the kids both got the flu. Hope all are better soon. And I figured it would be late monday or tuesday for your mri results.
Stay in touch
Love you guys

mindi said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!
Wow, what an informative post. Fantastic. It's nice to see someone else has a life as hectic as mine :) Congrats on the long marriage, sticking together with the one you love is not always easy.
Well, Hunter is getting scared of the dark, so I had better see what's wrong!

Angie said...

Still like you?! Seriously? Of course. In fact, I love how open and honest you were. You could have just answered the questions without giving away much personal info, but you chose to be authentic and vulnerable. Not what I expected, but so appreciated.

Yikes. I feel like we're busy, but after reading about your typical day, it's lazy around here! That scares me. So THAT'S what I have to look forward to? Yowza.

You mentioned you wake up at 5 a.m. Ummm, HOW? I'm not a morning person, and yet I know that waking up earlier would help get my whole day started right. Instead, I don't get my quiet time in (which would be my ideal way to start the day), we're rushing breakfast, I plop the kids down in front of the TV while I shower and get ready, everyone's cranky... not fun. So, unless you're just naturally a morning person, how do you make yourself roll out of that cozy warm bed at 5 in the morning? That's my next burning question. :)