Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Should We Close the City??

I mean honestly, I cannot seem to keep this family well...and I'm not the only one going through this. It seems the flu/strep bug has hit our town hard. The doctor's offices are full of sick people, the schools are sending more and more kids home every day, and this is the 2nd time it has hit our family in less than a month...so I'm thinkin' we probably never got rid of it. Blake was down 3 days last week, Mallorye 5 days, and I've been down since Sunday...feeling better this afternoon...

So since the weather is nice (70 degrees)...I've flung open the windows and got out the bleach and Lysol spray! I've been bleaching door knobs, light switches, anything that I can...vacuuming the couch and chairs...more Lysol spraying...stripped beds. I only have two rooms done because my energy level is still not up to par and I've yet to eat anything ...just drinking! Any suggestions?? We're all taking vitamins and washing our hands, but the germs just keep on coming...I'm getting a bit frustrated. How can I keep my family well when the entire town seems to BE sick or just GETTING OVER IT??!


mindi said...

If you find out the answer, send it my way!
Lex can't shake his fever and I NEED to go to work tomorrow. I'm praying his fever disappears overnight.
And that the kids don't get something.
I hope you stay safe tonight, too, I loathe this kind of weather . . .

mindi said...

How are you? Did you miss the tornado weather?

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

It really does seem like everyone is getting sick! Hoepfully your family will get better and things will get easier on you :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I have two tricks I swear by... a food based zinc ( I use Chapter One or Megafood) and Kefir. The zinc boosts your immune system (it being food based is highly important)and the Kefir keeps your stomach and intestines healthy with the good bacteria (basically keep the flu far away!). I buy my zinc at the health food store but there are places online, the kefir is at the regular grocery store usually in the diary or natural food section.

I hope that this helps!! I am so, so sorry that you all are having such a rough winter!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Hey sis
well first things first. No need to close the village.
Now , as far as the rememdies. Zinc has had studies done on it. It was released at the hospitals here and in Nashville , it has NO medicinal value. Its just a mineral our bodies require for metabolic purposes.
heres is also a such thing as using to much antibacterial handwash and body soaps. Not only do these washes kill the bad stuff, but they kill the naturally occuring bacteria on our skin that helps to fight off infection and other things that would otherwise attack our body. Truth is , unless you work in healthcare or have a newborn at home, standard handsoaps will do the job. Antibacterials have there uses. But they are not soap and water.
Example: my mother is diabetic. She can not use antibacterial soaps for bathing because it allows a normally 'good bacteria' to go on a rogue journey that can cause boils and so forth.
Now moving on. chances are one of the kids keeps regetting it from the wonderful public schools. Essentially a carrier. When washing up for dinner and so forth, its good o soap up the knobs of the faucet and wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. Sounds elementary and a bit eccentric, but it works .
Also remember that western medicine treats symptoms, not the cause. viral infections leave us that option only. Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. Watch for the caffiene content and so forth in meds, some are designed to give you a false feel good . but actually do nothing. commonly known as placebo effect. Humidifiers are key in cold and flu instances. a good humidifier is a worthwhile investment. especially for those with children under 2.
Vitamins are good, but be sure to eat 'real food' too.
If health allows, high salt content intake on a very short erm basis is good. Soups crackers, nasal saline solutions. Viruses and bacteria have great difficulty living in high sodium content. If you have hyper tension, I would suggest you ask your doctor first.
Drinking water and eating foods with silver in them is also helpful as a preventative. You can purchase silver generators to put silver in your water etc. How do you think the european nobility kept from dying of things like the plague and so forth back in midevil times. It has been confirmed by studies that silver does help.
Drinking orange juice with pulp is also fruitful as a preventive. Pardon the pun.
Keep tooth brushes seperated, dont share mouthwash, all the basic stuff. I know its all elementary , but sometimes we overlook things.
Also sleep and rest are key. Stress and fatigue weaken your immune system
Also be mindful of prescription painkillers, and anti depressants. Read the papers the pharmacist gives when the prescription is filled, you will find many prescription meds inhibit the bodies ability to fight off infections.

Last but certainly not least, PRAY... for He is also called, The Great Physician!