Friday, January 11, 2008

Super Fling Boogie

Ok...absolutely nothing exciting has gone on in this house this week (that I'm at liberty to share yet, anyway)...but today does kick off the Super Fling Boogie at Flylady! You can check out all the details here!!

I'm working today, so decided to start my flinging at my, what a mess! Those who know me, know that I'm OCD and cannot stand clutter and disorder, so I love flinging STUFF. My desk was no different. I plan on hitting the exercise room/office this weekend and may even venture under the kitchen sink! Feel free to join in on all the fun.

For now, I guess I'll go back to getting rid of some work on my desk before my day ends and I call it a week!

1 comment:

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like fun! I hate clutter as well - I get so stressed when anything even starts to build up around here!

I am really looking forward to moving so I can GET RID of stuff! We're only taking like twelve things with us!

I wish!! :)