Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, Fresh Start

Yes, I do realize that it is January 5th, but I'm a procrastinator at heart! I do love a new year...a chance to reflect on the past, set new goals, clean out the clutter in our lives. So, I've been thinking all week..."what do I really want this year to be about?" What changes do I need to make? What did I do well in 2007? And what needs major improvement? I have a large array of goals, but I try to really focus on a few from each of the areas of well-being....spiritual, physical, & emotional.

1. I will read through and study the New Testament along with our church.
2. I will spend time each week in quiet reflection with my God..."be still and know that I am God."
3. I will find ways to incorporate scripture memory into my every day life

1. I will lose 40 pounds this year by changing my eating habits and exercising
2. I will give up sodas :(
3. I will at least WALK on the treadmill daily

1. I will learn to breathe...instead of becoming angry
2. I will forgive those that have hurt me and not look back
3. I will focus on the positive of each day, noting how much I have to be grateful for

This is just the big things on my list...the ones I struggle with the most and am desperate to see change in this year. I want so many more things this have my home be a reflection of live more spend more time making memories with my allow my creativity to flourish.

What do you wish for the new year? What will you change? For without change, you cease to grow and I never want to stop growing.


mindi said...

#1 on your emotional list is something I really need to work on. Having a 5 yo with an attitude is really wearing me out! My patience is thin and I need for that to change. And I need to look around and count my blessings and still be able to enjoy this year, instead of wishing the time away. We'll see how that one goes!!

Belle-ah said...

Your list is a BIG one! But with Him you can tackle it. (((hugs)))

The Williams said...

I got your message about my resolution to keep up my relationship with my King, and well as Prince Charming, so I also wanted to encourage you.

I am also in the "I have to lose this weight" mode, and I recently joined a speical weight-loss It's completely free, but it is a community of peopel just like you and I who have set goals for themselves. They have TONS of articles to help you loss the weight, and keep it off. Go check it out - I love it. Not to mention, it helps you track your calories on a daily basis and helps you determine exactly how many calories you can eat to help you lose weight. If you join, it will ask who recommended you - my sign name for the website is AGWILLIAMS. Good luck, and rember that with Him, it is ALL possible!!!