Sunday, February 10, 2008

Title 10, Strikes Again

Guess what the bags mean?? Yep. Title 10 orders strike again. Quentin had his first real Guard Drill yesterday (Saturday) and he called me at 9:30 am...."honey, would you mind if I went on orders for 10 days?" Do I have a choice? Because if I do, that would be completely new. This is just part of the military way of life...."when would you leave?" "In the 6 am." Wow, I love being able to prepare for life's little twists and turns. (*note sarcasm)

Bottom line. We spent our Saturday evening packing up the stuff I just got put away and this morning Q is headed to Clinton, AR to help the victims of last week's tornado. I really am ok with it and I know he's doing a great thing helping those people. Some day, it may be us. I told him this's in our blood now, isn't it? We are never going to be able to go back to being regular civilians who play Army once a month. We are military, through and through, who happen to have to live and work in the civilian world.

So, I'm looking at the calendar for the next 2 weeks and trying to figure out what needs juggling. There are a few days that I'm going to have to have some help....I'm leaving to go out of town for a Scrapbook Retreat and can't leave the children home alone. And today I'm hosting a Bridal Shower and Blake has ball practice...will have to find someone to take him. Nothing major. Nothing I can't handle. Just the way it is. Q does his job....serving and protecting our country. I do mine...serving and protecting our home.


mindi said...

I'm sorry, but you're right. He's doing a good thing.
I'm still trying to convince myself that Kevin is doing a good thing. As soon as he's home safe and sound, I'll be a bit happier about the whole situation :)
Have fun at the scrapbooking retreat, that sounds great!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

I beleive when anyone puts on the uniform of any branch of service in our country, they are doing a good thing. he uniform has brought victory over the enemies of freedom , defeat of the most evil leaders in the world, and most importantly it serves as a beacon of hope for nations less fortunate all over the world. If one ever doubts that. Ask a GI who has had an Afghan or Iraqi child come up to them and simply want to be around them , maybe hold their hand or play a game during off duty hours on some school playground. Ask a GI what it feels like to carry the lifeless body of an innocent child caught in the crossfire of some horrible firefight... then we look at our kids, knowing that GI most likely has kids at home as well. the will no longer be a question of whether or not its right, but when will it be safer for the kids our GIs love at home , and serve to offer hope to thousands of miles from home. We have to consider, how could any veteran not be assured the work they do is right and just. It doesn help the worry of those of us they leave behind to serve, but we can take comfort in one thing, what they are doing is right. Scripture tells us outright. Don not forbid the children from coming to me. The hope we bring is the only true hope they have. A God of love and compassion, whose teachings are the same, and not the oppressed teachings of a false god such as Allah who teaches murder, suicide, degradation of females , chaos and destruction,where is the love or hope or future in that?
I can not stress how important it is for the people now enduring their deployment of a loved one to seek the counsel of not only God, but those who have already endured a deployment. Ask questions. Share what you feel led to share. Most of all listen to the wisdom of those who have 'been there done that' , together you will over come things. And remember Gods promise...this too shall pass. Just as Christ turned an insrument of death, the cross, into a promise for eternal life. Our soldiers work to offer the promise of at least the hope of a brighter future in this life. May Gods edge of protection be around them always. And the families they have had to leave home to do their job.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That's the way of military life! You have such a great attitude and outlook on life. What a great example you are to us all!


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Yup, don't you love it?! All of 3 seconds to prepare for your husband to leave? We've done that a time or 2. but you just learn to roll with it.

It's kind of empowering as a woman to know you can handle everything just fine anyway at a moments notice.