Friday, April 25, 2008

Creative Block

Ok, I need some help for those willing to tackle it! I really want a new blog design and title. Hubby has said that I can get a new web design for my Mother's Day gift!

The problem. I can't seem to come up with anything catchy that I like. The best title I've come up with is "'s what I do." I really want something that better reflects my life and who I for design, I'm thinking on the fun, whimsy, funky side.

So, any suggestions?! I'm thinkin' there's a prize in it for the person that has the most creative suggestion! ;)


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Huh - I like what you have for a name! Out comes my dislike for change! ;) I hope you figure out something uniquely you!!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

I agree with the SGT and Mrs Hub. And from what I have learned about you sis, self expression on creative things like this are not a problem for you.You like the scrap booking . So under that genre you can probably find a host of anything goes graphics for your set up. Ill do some searching for sites that have a descent selctions. Having a base point of your desired theme might be helpful. Also a unique family theme one you build has you written all over it too. A Chrisian based them i know has gazillions of choices. It would also set the ambience for your page and the life you and all Christians face as moms and wives and mil spouses etc.
Alternately , We spent the last year and a half in support of Q and the family, and turned it into something to help more than just one person. In that light , since hubby okayed the expense of obtaining your hearts desire here. If you really want to get fancy, give me a holler back and we will build you a website. No charge. All you would need buy is the templates and graphics and the exact things you would want for the site. And we'll get r dun.Just an offer and a thought. But your a diverse and intellectual lady sis, sit down one night when all are in bed or gone, and brainstorm... you will come up with something... you always do.