Monday, April 7, 2008

In Need Of Some Prayer!

It's been quite the day around here...especially for Quentin.

He had his appointment to get his stitches out this afternoon (you know, from the whole sharpening knife incident) and his finger is not healing properly. So, they put steri-strips on it, but they're not wanting to hold very well. Looks like a nasty scar will follow.

While at the appointment, I had him mention his excessive snoring since being back from he's now set up for a sleep study at the end of the month. He's having a few minor issues since being back...some digestive trouble, hearing loss (he is getting hearing aids next week from the VA), back pain, and difficulty with his ankle (he injured in Iraq).

Please pray that his health issues will be resolved soon....he's normally not a person that gets sick or goes to the doctor very much at all, so this is difficult for all of us.

Also, his granny promoted to Heaven this evening. She lived a full life of 98 years! His mom is having a hard time and as an only child, I know Q feels a sense to "make it all better."

It's been alot for one day, but I know God has it all in control.


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well sis, I can relate to days like this. Dont know if you remember. But I had cut myself with a semi serrated knife while working outdoors just prior to us visiting last year. I never got stitches. Who can afford the 100 dollar a stitch thing? lol Anyhow it left my left thumb with a scar essentially the breadth of the top of my thumb. oops.
As far as the snoring. Well that could be many things. sleep Apnia, deviated septum , your mind becoming accustomed to sleeping safe and sound at home and not a potential combat zone.Whatever it winds up being, I have been to littl rock for the sleep test. Boring . They bore you to sleep. lol . And they have enough wires on your scalp in that little hat you wear to make you into an efficient lightning rod. But its not terrible. Just boring. We will pray they find whatever the cause is and get it addressed.

We are sorry to hear of your loss of a loved one. Thats never easy. I have seen to many funerals in my lifetime. Probably the one repeat experience that never gets much easier.
Q just know we stand in prayer with you and the family. Sis you be sure he sees this!

Its just plain stupid we havent been able to connect on the phone lately. Guess phone tag isnt what it used to be .... anyhow... you have it right sis. God is at the helm .... plans for good not disaster... for a future and a hope. Love you guys! Please let us know if you need anything...

mindi said...

I'll be praying for you all tonight, for your mother-in-law, your husband, and you!
I hope everything works out okay, and you are right, God is in control. Not us!