Friday, April 11, 2008

Update of a Week Gone By

Updated; Another teenager (8th grade) at Mallorye's school was killed in an auto accident after school yesterday (Friday). Her mom is in critical condition. This is several kids in the past year and a half that have been killed or critically injured. Please pray for our students.

Where has the week gone!? It's been busy here, to say the least...

Baseball season has started and Blake had his first game on Monday. We lost 2-4, but Blake had an awesome hit that landed him a single. He's playing short stop for the most part...some third base...and a little pitcher. He has a game tonight, so wish us luck! (I'll try to get some pix) He's also getting ready for the 5K Ram Run at his school near the end of the month...his legs are so SORE!!

Mallorye's in the midst of EOC's (end of course exams) and getting her schedule ready for next year. She's having some friends over tonight to watch movies and hang out. They really need some down time, it's been a tough week. One of her friends, an acquaintance really, was killed this week in an auto accident. Her boyfriend was critically injured in the wreck as well. They were both well known and well liked kids and it's really tough on the community. They had a memorial service on Wednesday at the high school.

Quentin and I have just been trying to work and keep the house running...that's a job in itself!! Our ladies at church started a new Bible study on Monday that I'm going to..."The Frazzled Female" have to laugh! Oh, how I need this study!!!

Ok...everyone keeps interrupting my thoughts, so I'm gonna just end here. Hopefully, I'll be able to post this weekend at some point!!

If not, have a great weekend!!

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mindi said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mallorye's friend, that is so sad :( A life taken too short. I hope her boyfriend is okay!
Have a nice weekend . . .