Sunday, April 13, 2008


I've heard that tragedy comes in three's, but this is just too much. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around what is going on with our youth. For the 3rd time in a week, the life of one of our teenagers was snuffed out early. Last night, another teenager was killed...this time as he was walking he was struck by a vehicle and killed. Both schools in Paragould have been affected by the weeks sadness.

In trying to process it all and find meaning in what seems a senseless death, I have found God's hand at work.

(1) the Pastor's of this community have been allowed into the schools to help with the grieving process, thus allowing God in!!

(2) there was a city-wide Memorial service held this past Wednesday at one of the schools. Over 400 students attended and 10 gave their life to Christ.

(3) our students are being challenged to live their faith out loud, not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

Those of you that are prayer warriors, I'm begging you to keep our community in your prayers. To experience three deaths of our teenagers in one week, all unrelated incidents, is just more that one can fathom. I know nothing else to do, but to pray and ask God what He wants to show us in the midst of all this pain.


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

This is so sad! I'm sorry to hear it :( Your community is most certainly in my prayers.

mindi said...

I am so sorry, I will definitely pray for your town and the poor children who live in it. That is so hard to comprehend!!

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss in your town; however, I can relate. Just recently, a youg teen near here was killed while on a Marhcing Band trip to Austin, TX. He and some buddies were walking to a gas station for snacks aroun 11:00. His dad was a chaperone on the trip.

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Obviously there is not any rhyme or reason that will reveal why these kids were moved on into eternity. At least not in the tangeable sense we all expect to be able to grasp.
Scripture tells us His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways. Wounds to the hearts of those left behind will take time to heal. They always do. Many will struggle for understanding. The only closure in these situations is knowing God is still in control.. even now. We must always be mindful of Gods promises. One of my Favorites is Jeremiah 29:11 , "For I know the plans I have for you ", says the Lord, " they are plans for good and not disaster, for a future and a hope. Even in the wake of their deaths , God has made his presence known by moving the hearts of those 10 who have accepted Christ as Lord of their lives....for a future and a hope... the chance to spend eternity ...alive and well with God! Where therewill be no sickness, no sorrow, no death, not a single tear shed. I dont know if any of the three whom have died were saved. But we offer our prayer for community , families , and friends affected by their passing. We pray their soul will be commended to the care of our Lord and that peace for all may be found.