Friday, May 9, 2008

Military Spouse Appreciation and more!

First, it's National Military Spouse Appreciation to all you spouses...may God bless you! Thank you for your service to our country that often times goes unnoticed! Do something nice for yourself!!

To all the mothers out there...Happy Mother's Day!

I'm really not liking having internet service at home. How can I stay in touch with my blogworld friends? I feel like I've missed so much this week. Let me give you a few updates on our week...

The house. So, we went and looked at the house. Love, love the location and yard. It's a brick home with a decent sized yard. Not too big. Not too small. It has two huge shade trees and a couple of smaller trees, great for climbing or stringing up a hammock. There's a small creek at the back of the property that I think Blake would just love!! The living room and the den were absolutely huge and the den has a fireplace. Loved both of these rooms! The kitchen? Did not love so much. It's stuck in the 70's, but with some paint and some creative homemaking, I could live with it. We would have to purchase a cupboard, as cabinets are not very plentiful. The main bathroom was ok...except it's carpeted. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Don't they know kids (big and small) like to splash?! It has that 70's feel, but much less than the kitchen. The would-be Mallorye's room was small, but plenty of room for her things and had the best closet. It is in desperate need of present it's a putrid green with Sponge Bob wall border! Thinkin' she wouldn't like that too much. The would-be Blake's room is a little larger, but the closet was smaller and it has eggplant colored carpet. I actually think I could make that work with his camo bedding and DU prints on the walls. The master bedroom has very stained teal carpet and only ONE CLOSET!! That wouldn't work...would definitely have to purchase a wardrobe or something. The master bath was great though. Ceramic tile floors and a built in make-up table. There wasn't a linen closet either, so not sure what to do there. All the windows were metal frame and mildew was a problem. It didn't look like the previous tenants were very clean. Definitely potential with a good cleaning and a complete paint job...ceilings and walls. We're still thinking about it. The price is good, location is great...just needs a few touch ups. Also, there's a mother-in-law house by the carport that an elderly widow lady lives in. I see lots of potential for us to minister in that area and I like that we already know a few of the neighbors...they go to our church!!

Ok, in other news...I missed work again yesterday. The allergies turned against me and I have bronchitis and was on my way to pneumonia. I went to the sick call yesterday and the doctor gave me first every shot of steroids and put me on a steroid pack, an antibiotic, an inhaler, cough medicine, and Zyrtec for these nasty allergies! I've never taken so much medicine!! And, I've never had steroids...oh what fun that has been!! The doctor was so encouraging. He said, "I've not been a doctor long, but I'd say you're sick." Nah, ya think?! I'm feeling some better today. My heads clearer, but my breathing is still labored. I came in late to work and plan on leaving early.

Mal is leaving for a leadership retreat this afternoon and will be back tomorrow afternoon. Blake has a baseball game tonight that I'm hoping I can go and watch. I missed last nights game...too damp and too much pollen! I have plans to go with some girlfriends to dinner tomorrow night, so pray I'm feeling up to par by then.

Ok, that sums up the big stuff. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so glad you updated on the house! I was wondering the other day how it all went. Sounds like you would have your work cut out for you, but I bet you are up for it.
Location is everything - I have found that out! And it seems like the neighbors would greatly enhance your quality of life, especially with Q's job shift.

I will pray for wisdom!

I hope you feel much better today - and I really hope you were able to go out with your girlfriends! We all know how important that time is.

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!