Saturday, May 31, 2008

Retail Therapy

Ok, shopping for swimwear for teenage girls is tough! I really did not want to purchase a 2 piece for Mal, but I was starting to get desperate...most of the one-piece swimsuits were worse than the tankini's we were looking at.

So, Mallorye and I set out on a mission find her a swimsuit that we could both live with. We finally found this one at Dillard's...paid more than I would've liked, but decided it was worth the sacrifice.

And no, Mal doesn't look quite that sexy in it and it has a removable halter strap that she WILL be wearing!

2nd mission of the day was to find an outfit to have her 16th birthday pictures made in...she had a pretty specific idea in mind, so we were up for the challenge and had resolved that we might even have to hand make the outfit...BUT we found the perfect outfit!! YEAH!!

The dress is a cute black and white halter poplin dress (you'll have to wait till she has her pictures made to see) and because Mal loves the funky look, she paired it with these great shoes for a punch of color and some hot pink hoop earrings!

And yes, they're 4" heels...which makes her long legs longer and puts her at 6'1"

It really was fun to hang out with my daughter. It won't be long and these opportunities will be far and few between.


Belle-ah said...

Nothing beats retail therapy with just the girls!

mer said...

Sounds like you had a successful shopping trip! I dread shopping for a swimsuit for myself...can't even imagine trying to find one for my teenage daughter one day. You ended up with a cute one!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am SO SO looking forward to doing this sort of thing with Eve and Eliza - well, we actually do. It's (usually) pretty fun and quite hilarious :) Eve is quite the fashionista!

I love the swimming suit - I've noticed that retro style is quite in right now - I for one am glad! I've always kind of thought it was groovy :)

Looking forward to the pictures!