Sunday, June 1, 2008

Completely Random

Complete random thoughts going through my head at this moment...

*I love shelves lined with books, all in order, just the way they're supposed to be

*the air conditioning feels good

*should I make *B* walk to practice or ask grandma to fill in for me

*does anyone really know what love is?

*I'm tired, why do I think I have to stay up till 10:00?

*I wish I could form a complete thought

*find a way to make the Sabbath the Sabbath

Ok, these are just some of the things swirling in my head...completely random


mer said...

I feel like I live in the world of random glad someone else has days like that too.

Things I found funny: staying up till 10:00 is early to me. I find myself asking why do I think I have to stay up until 2AM! Ha. AND...would you believe we haven't turned our air conditioner on yet? Crazy, huh?

Have a great evening!

mindi said...

I like randomness. It is what life is all about - and I second the staying up late part. What AM I doing on the computer???
Off to bed!