Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome Back Internet

Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am!! I have been a busy beaver today...working on our office/exercise room and getting our internet up and going at the house!! It is so nice to be able to check messages and blog from HOME!!! It is definitely the highlight of my weekend...(I know that sounds pathetic) how about an update?

Friday, as you all know, my baby graduated from the 6th grade. We had no ballgames Friday evening, so we went out to eat as a family at TaMolly's (one of Mallorye's favorite restaurants). It really was great to just sit and relax and laugh together. Mallorye and I went with one of my friends, Misty, to a Stamp Camp. Actually, Mal went to hang out with Micah...Misty and I went to get away for some girl time. We made some really kewl projects you can check out on my friend Lisa's Blog.

Saturday was official work day ...although the guys somehow got out of that one. Quentin took Blake fishing while Mallorye went and babysat for Misty...which left me home for the official work day. Oh well, I was able to get all rooms clean with the exception of the dreaded office/exercise room! I worked hard all day even though the heat was starting to get to me. Oh, I haven't mentioned that...we still DO NOT HAVE AIR!! Hopefully, the insurance company will issue a check this week and we can have our unit installed. The Arkansas temp is now in the 90's most days and humid.

We spent Sunday morning at church. It was my weekend to sing which means up bright and early to be at church by 7am for warm up and sound check. Quentin and Blake came later for the 9:30 service and had lunch ready for us when we got home at 12:30. Our small group started the Homebuilders Series, "Defending The Military Marriage" and we ordered pizza instead of heating up the house with the stove. I have to say Kevin & Kim (our small group) were good sports about not having air. We will definitely meet at the church next week if the unit isn't installed by then.

Quentin had to go into work for a few hours this morning to open the pool up and he let me sleep! I slept in until 8am, which isn't that late, but better than my normal 5:30. After breakfast, I started in on the office. This is going to be a process...guesstimating about 2 weeks to get it completely organized and finished...but so worth it! The guys went fishing and took Q's dad with them and Mal helped me in between birthday planning. The kids have now gone to Q's parents to spend the night and get out of the heat for a bit, so it's going to be a quiet night with the hubs.

That sums up our weekend. Maybe now that the computer is up and running I'll have some more interesting posts...being able to think and Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Take time to extend a thank you to those serving our country and those who have served in the past.


mindi said...

Wow - your weekend was a lot like mine!! Glad you got to sleep in, I bet that felt great!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you have been a great blogger, even without net at home. You humble me. Girl, bring your OCD self over to *my* house and start organizing please. Seriously, I miss you. I need you to break away and come to my house for some scrap time!!!

Belle-ah said...

WEll, you got a lot done - girl! By the way...I can't imagine your fotitude in having no air!!!! Prayers sent LOL.