Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog Bragging

Ok, I wasn't going to blog/brag until I had pictures...but without a digital camera at the moment, I'm having to wait on film processing and I just had to do a little mama bragging...

First, Blake has made the All Star team in baseball and has his first game tonight. His league team, the Kiwanis, had an awesome 3rd place going into this weeks tournament. Well, they showed up and showed out and ended up as League Champs!! Blake pitched an awesome game in the semi-final for the win and his buddy Alex took the Championship Game. Let's see if All Stars can fare as well.

Second, he finished basketball camp today and walked away with an arm load of awards. He won the Obstacle Course, the 1-on-1 Competition, and the Outstanding Camper Award. He was beaming...and so was I. It is an awesome feeling to watch your kids succeed and develop their talents.

Last, Mallorye received her first paycheck this week! She's learning about money management and managing her time. She's babysitting for my longtime 8 yr old and an 11 yr old...she also had my nephew Caleb this past week for a few hours...he's almost 4. It was an experience! Caleb got sick and totally messed up her bed, but she handled it like a trooper.

It's been a pretty good week around here! But, I'm so looking forward to the weekend!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What AWESOME kids! You guys must be so proud!

I hope your weekend was equally as great as your week. And I hope this week is fantastic!

Is your new AC up and running yet?