Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This Father's Day is a bit different for me. After 34 years, I've decided I really want to find my biological dad. It's something I've thought about many times and have wrestled the pros and cons. I realize that I may be setting myself up for huge rejection, but there is something in me that desires to know more than anything....more than the risk of being hurt.

So, this weekend, after talking to my mom...I've made the leap to begin actively looking. I have a name. And that's pretty much it.

I'm nervous. Scared. Excited.

A little background on the story. And by little, I mean just the bare bones.

My mom got pregnant with me her senior year in high school. She never married him and they didn't see each other again. I think he did come to see me when I was one, but was told to leave. From what I can gather, he had a wife and family already and didn't really want to be a part of my life...only to console his ego. My mom met my step-dad soon after and they began dating when I was 18 months old and were married when I was 3. I never knew he wasn't my dad until I was around 10 years old and ran across my birth certificate. There wasn't a father listed and inquired "why?" My stepdad adopted me when I was 14 and I legally became his daughter and really didn't think much about the dad I never knew. At age 17, my senior year, my parents divorced and I have only seen my stepdad a few times a year at most. There's alot that goes into that divorce...I was unwed and pregnant, my dad was involved in some things he shouldn't have just wasn't a good situation at all. So, for the past 16 years I really haven't had someone to call dad and it has ignited a desire for me to find out where I came from.

I didn't think I would ever really want to know and I have no idea what I'm expecting, but here I am...searching...longing...hoping.

Happy Father's Day to my dad's....the one I don't know...and the one I never knew.


Jenn said...

Good luck, I hope he ends up being a nice guy and kind to you. I only ever had my real parents but I wish I hadn't. Hope you have a great day !

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Wow, that's a huge decision! Good luck in your searching.

mer said...

Wow...very big decision.

I have a friend who was recently re-united with a daughter she gave up for adoption, and my hope is that your story ends as beautifully as theirs has.

Belle-ah said...

I hope with your search you find peace. We searched and found my Dh's Biological Dad a few years ago. He is glad he did but there was not connection but there was closure.

Laura said...

I hope your search goes well!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Pray as you go - I hope you find a man after God's heart.


McMommy said...

Good luck with your search. I hope it brings you what you are searchin and hoping for!

mindi said...

wow - good luck - I hope it all turns out well!! This must have been a huge decision for you. I'll be praying for you :)

Angie said...

Wow, that's HUGE, Ginger! I'll be praying for your search and that God protects your heart along the way. I'd love for you to keep us updated if it's possible...?