Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Blake

Momma and Blake with big sis, Mallorye, looking're about 8 hours old in this picture and have a tube in your nose to help you breathe. You spent 24 hours in the NICU, so this is the only time that momma got to hold you the first day.

It's official! I now have two teenagers...they're no longer babies, or middle-schoolers, or even is Blake's 13th Birthday! (I'm feeling old)

What I love about you!
*you still snuggle with your momma
*you're very tenderhearted
*you are a nurturing soul
*you are so kind...very rarely do I see you mean spirited
*you're an awesome athlete
*I've never seen a ball that you didn't know what to do with
*your big brown eyes with amazing eye lashes
*you have dish pan hands...I'm so proud of the fact that you know how to do all types of housework
*you love life and have a great time just being
*your smile
*you attract friends (good quality to have)
*you have great hair
*you love God and your family and you show it regularly

Blake and Mallorye at home...look at that hair!!
Blake, you will always be my little man.


Jenn said...

That was very sweet! Happy birthday to your boy! I love the hair!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to blake...13, oh my, it is so hard to believe he is growing up so quickly. i love his tender heart too. happy, happy birthday, birthay boy!!

mindi said...

Happy Bday Blake - time passes so quickly - I'm holding on tight to my little ones!