Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mallorye's Sweet 16 Bash

Princess Mallorye

The cake...not completely pleased with it, but it was close to what we wanted

Finally, I have pictures!

First of all, thank you to everyone that prayed for me...I felt better on party day...not completely up to par, but well enough to host a party.

The party was a huge success....47 people came to help celebrate Mallorye's 16th birthday. Of course no party would be complete without a few glitches.

Glitch #1...Quentin had Guard Drill.
He thought he'd be able to leave early and even called me at lunch and said he'd be out of there by 2pm, so he could bring the cake and meat when he came out to the park (20 min. away). Well, he didn't get to leave and at 3:15 (party starts at 4pm) I still don't have cake or the meat for the BBQ. Mom & Jack to the rescue!! And since Q hadn't quite made it to the park, one of our good friends (and assoc. Pastor of our church) fired up the BBQ grilles! Awww. Ministry at work.

Glitch #2...HEAT Index of 109
Cakes do not hold up wel under extreme heat...we improvised and did dessert first!

Glitch #3...Thunder, Lightning, Rain
There is nothing like being at a park in a lightning storm! Ground to cloud lightning I might add. Needless to say the kids didn't get to swim, but the storm moved past fairly quickly and just left a little sprinkles. We just improvised a little more and let Mal open her presents while the guys (Q's here now) finished up the the rain I might add!!

Quentin, Pat, & Blake ....BBQ in the rain! What a father will do for his baby girl!

Other than that, it was a great party. The kids played volleyball, walked around the lake (where one accidentally fell in...hmmm), had a water balloon fight where Carson (age 3) got in on the action, ate and just had a great time hangin' out!

Friendly game of volleyball...this is pre-broken

Three Generations...Nana (aka, Deborah), Mallorye, and Mom (aka, Ginger or ME)

Mallorye's Purity Promise Ring given to her by me and her dad as a symbol of the precious gift of her heart to be guarded well

After the party was cleaned up, most of the kids went over to Kathryn's to swim, since they didn't get to at the party and the storm had passed. I can't believe Ken was ok with this, but oh well.

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mindi said...

Looks like it was a lovely party - and the ring is beautiful! What a wonderful idea for a daughter!