Thursday, July 10, 2008

I {Hate} Bid Day

Ok....hate might be a bit strong, afterall, it is the livelihood of my job...but I strongly detest bid day! (how's that?)

We had a major bid today at work that consumed the majority of my day...actually most of my week! Anyway, my stress level reached an all time high at work. Bid days are always stressful trying to crunch numbers and beat the clock, but for some reason today's was extremely stressful. It could be that I did alot more leg work on this one than I normally do...and there were addendums at the 11th hour...and it was ALOT of money...and I don't understand alot of it (it's electrical, plumbing, hvac...I'm not an electrician, plumber, heat and air tech, or an engineer :)

Right now I just need some peace and quiet...and maybe one of those fruity drinks with the little umbrellas!

Just breathe. Right?


Mamasphere said...

In the nose, out the mouth! And an umbrella drink ALWAYS makes it better. Sorry it's been so stressful for you!

Jenn said...

Sorry you had a rough day, hope you have a good weekend and forget about work for awhile!