Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KC Mission Trip...be prepared for picture overload

As you all know, last week, Quentin, Mallorye, and Blake went to Kansas City, KS on a Mission Trip with our church. They worked hard and helped to make a Kingdom difference. The first day they did prayer walking around the neighborhood and distributed flyers telling of the church they were helping....just praying over that area that God would have His will.

The Southside Crew

The next 3 days were .... WORK. They tore off FOUR layers of shingles and re-roofed a house. Yes! These kids worked ON THE ROOF in the July Summer heat...not for a paycheck...or because they were made to...but because they wanted to make a difference... a positive difference! Wow!

Adrian sweeping the roof

Look, she's still smiling...even through the dirt and sweat

Adrian, Katie, & Alicia...gathering the shingles

Blake in the foreground...Andrew and Mallorye in background. I never quite understood why they had to get IN the dumpster, but that's what they did...shoveling shingles!

New meaning to Dumpster Diving!! That's Mal 2nd from left...who'd thought she could do all this with a broken leg! Chris, Andrew, & Brittany are the other dirty culprits.

Mallorye...she really was a trooper...broken leg and all..she's never missed a mission trip that our church has gone on...this was her 5th trip...3 times to New Orleans and once to Marmaduke...she sure wasn't going to let something trivial, like crutches, stand in her way.

Takin' a little siesta on the roof! Hey, get a break where you can, right?

Ground crew taking a water break

Pastor Pat...he's our Missions Pastor at church and does an awesome job of finding opportunities for our church to minister to others.

Mallorye, Adrian, Brittany, & Ashley

Mallorye, Katie, Brittany, & Ashely with their new friend Sienna...isn't she adorable?!

Really, only a face a mother could love...or three mothers! They are some dirty faces!

Dazed and confused after a week of roofing and painting

The Southside Gang posing with their hosts!

After a week of working hard the gang was treated to a Kansas City Royals baseball game. It was nice that they were able to relax a day before making the trip home.

Enjoying the game...and soem icees!

The Jumbo-Tron...I think they were more fascinated with this than they were the game!

All in all, it was a great week for them. The End.


Angie said...

Oh, how I miss those trips! I used to be so involved with all of Gary's trips he's take the kids on, but now I'm a mom and my kids are at tricky ages to do those things. Can't wait until they're just a bit older and they can take part too!

Thanks for sharing those pictures. It looks like you accomplished a lot and had fun doing it!

Alicia said...

Awesome blog those kids are amazing and I really learned alot about them and love love love them! They were great. Your kids are wonderful and you should be so proud!