Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Stampin' Fun

Here's a few more pix of the Christmas in July of the wonderful people I shared the night with...I also share my life with these people and I think they're all pretty great!

Me..showing off my tri-fold card!

My good friend, Misty...we go way back and there's probably not anything she doesn't know about me...and she still likes me!! We're currently going through a Bible Study together and holding each other accountable to be a Proverbs Woman...tall order for me. She's the organized one of the bunch and resident speed stamper.
JoAnn, another great friend...just went to Myrtle Beach with...and the other partner in my current Bible Study. JoAnn is one of those extremely crafty people that can make something out of nothing..kinda like a Stamping MacGyver.
Micah & Lisa. Micah is Mallorye's friend (Lisa's daughter) and she loves to hang out with us old folk and do a little stamping. Lisa has been my best friend for a LONG time and also knows everything about me and still loves me. We have one of those tell-it-like-it-is relationships. She also happens to be a Stampin Up demonstrator!

The brownies I didn't eat! Even though they were calling my name...LOUDLY...I did not cave! I remained steadfast and had fruit and water. Yeah. I really wish I had a better attitude about it and could enjoy eating healthy....but do you see that plate of brownies?!

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