Saturday, August 9, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Northeast Arkansas
2. To an unwed teenage mother
3. Who raised me to be independent...and I am
4. I was adopted at age my stepdad
5. Then my parents divorced when I was 17
6. I also happened to be 5 months pregnant at this time
7. And had just been voted Homecoming Queen of my high school
8. I graduated in the top 5 of my class
9. There were only 25 people in my graduating
10. I have a rebel side
11. I was married the summer I graduated high school
12. After giving birth to a beautiful little girl
13. And then later, to a gorgeous son
14. I was saved when I was 27
15. After realizing I'd been living a lie for years
16. Now, I'm a daughter of The King
17. I sing alto in our Praise Band
18. I desire to sing in a Praise Band FULL TIME
19. My husband and I teach a small group in our home
20. This is WAY out of my comfort zone
21. I actually love being an Army wife
22. Even if most consider us part-timers (I happen to think going to war makes us full time)
23. I love organization
24. I'm a little on the OCD side
25. My vegetable cans are arranged alphabetically
26. I'm deathly afraid of the dark
27. And thunderstorms
28. Oh, and mice
29. I love the color black..even though some argue it's not a color
30. I'm a compulsive list maker
31. I have an extra bone in the roof of my mouth called a torri
32. I had braces put on when I was 18
33. And wore them for FIVE years!
34. I did not wear my retainer
35. Therefore...I need them again..ugh!
36. I have a tatoo
37. That I got while my husband was in Iraq
38. To mark the hardspots...just in case I forget someday
39. I have also had my belly button pierced
40. I was MUCH skinnier when I did that
41. And I did it on a complete whim during my lunch break
42. I was Mrs. Northeast Arkansas 1999
43. And placed 5th in the Mrs. Arkansas pageant that same year
44. In 2001 I was Mrs. Tri-County Arkansas
45. I did not place in Mrs. Arkansas that year :(
46. I was Little Miss Greene County in 1978..first 4 year old to win
47. I loved to play with frogs, mud, and barbies when I was growing up
48. My first real job was at TCBY
49. I still love yogurt!
50. I'm 1/2 way there!! This is tough
51. I have had a myriad of jobs in my life
52. Secretary for a Lumber Yard
53. ...Secretary for an Attorney (hated that job)
54. ...Cashier at a grocery store (loved this job)
55. ...Pest Control Technician...yes, I sprayed for roaches..yuk!
56. ...Nurse
57. Oh Yeah, I have a license to practice nursing
58. But, I don't use it
59. But because of it, I've been able to touch a human heart...very kewl!
60. And see the miracle of birth many times
61. I love helping women bring babies into the world
62. And even had a co-worker ask me to film his daughter's birth (I didn't know his wife)
63. But, I did it anyway and it was an awesome experience
64. I now work as an Administrative Assistant for a construction company
65. I love to scrapbook
66. And I love taking photographs
67. I have more rubber stamps than the stamp store
68. I love to read..ALOT
69. My favorite book to read is the Bible of course
70. And I'm blown away by pretty much any Beth Moore Bible Study
71. I cannot whistle
72. But I can roll my tongue
73. Blogging is my new obsession
74. And as you can see, I'm pretty transparent
75. I enjoy party planning
76. I am blessed to have several really great friends
77. I still talk to my best friend from high school every week
78. I seen the ocean for the first time this year and thought it was awesome
79. I'm a bit of a daredevil
80. And not much of a rule follower
81. I'm also very blunt with my friends
82. I've never smoked in my life
83. I'm not a drinker either...only on occasion
84. I do have a temper
85. But I don't cuss even when I'm mad
86. I'm trying to give up sodas permanently
87. Because I need to lose 50 pounds
88. No, I'm serious!
89. I'm a romantic at heart
90. And love sappy movies
91. SHMILY is our code word in our family
92. I absolutely love being a mother
93. And I love being a wife
94. My hearts desire is to be a stay at home wife and mother
95. I'm not wealthy (at least in money terms)
96. I don't play the lottery
97. And I'm in debt
98. So, I will continue to work instead of stay home
99. I love my life
100. And if you read to the end...I have some pretty loyal blog readers!


Anonymous said...

No surprise there for me. I think I pretty much knew it all. It was harder than it seemed, wasn't it?

Katrina said...

I like your honesty. Congrats being a Christian mom and wife. I have enjoyed reading your blog too.
Katrina of AZ

mindi said...

WOW - what an awesome list :) You are one amazing woman Ginger!

Angie said...

Made it to the end! Yippeee! I'm catching up on my blog-reading, so I'm extra loyal, right? ;)

What a great list. It's like the cliff notes to Ginger. How fun! You're awesome.